Does everyone like @jthurston666?  He’s a nice guy, cultured, intelligent, well-spoken, penetrating insight,  dedicated to his family (the photo at the top of the Twitter page is his, unfortunately, recently deceased daughter). 

He’s also one of the most evil sons of bitches you’ll ever encounter–though not completely without heart or feelings. 

Jack is the protagonist in two stories, “Sorcerer” and “Sorcerer’s Return”. You can find both in A Tale of Hell and Other Stories, available from Amazon in either paperback or on Kindle and KindleUnlimited. 

Fan Art 

To all aspiring artists and musicians craving exposure,  I would like to invite you to submit artwork or music (both electronically) based on my works for publication on my website. Copyright will remain with you, of course. Guidelines can be found on the submissions page of this website.  

I have not tried posting music before, but will give it a try. 

You can find my works scattered throughout the Internet by searching for my name plus “fiction” or “horror” or “poetry” or “poems”.  Several are on www.Fictionontheweb.co.uk.  I also have three books published by Amazon and available in hard copy or on Kindle.  Info on and links to them can be found elsewhere on this website. 

There will be no pay, just exposure, but this website also feeds into Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media.  I will also post your artwork to my other social media sites that don’t connect to WordPress.  I might also post your art/music on my new magazine website The Chamber Magazine. 

Contact me with any questions. 

Update on #JasonBrody

As of 7:40 pm, MST, Jason has 363 followers on Twitter. Not bad for someone who has existed for only two days. In addition to tweeting about facets of his main character traits, trials, and tribulations,  I also tweet things that would interest him as a person:  humor, cute animals, beautiful scenery, PTSD, mental & physical health, odds and ends, i.e. things that would interest a person recovering from severe, extended trauma.  

Most people seem to tweet about anything that catches their attention and not just about a few aspects of their lives. Therefore, if we could see all of a person’s tweets, whatever catches their attention, analysis might reveal some deep, unsuspected facet(s) of their character.