The Chamber Magazine is Now Live!

ps1 SlatteryI am pleased to announce that The Chamber Magazine is now live.  Issue 1 contains a short story by George Gad Economou, a poem by FRED, and a non-fiction article by John A. DeLaughter on H.R. Giger.

Issue 2 will be online April 1.  Please start submitting your stories, poetry, articles, and other works per the guidelines published on this site and at The Chamber.

Short Fiction by Tom Leins: “All I Want for Christmas Are Your Two Front Teeth”

by Tom Leins The barman at the Cock & Whistle is the least jolly-looking motherfucker I’ve ever seen wearing a Santa hat. I pay for my pint and back away, slowly — he is nursing a baseball bat wrapped in tinsel. I don’t know if he is trying to scare off the carol singers, or […]

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