Ghostly Chambers for Christmas

Another great blast from the past from Paula Cappa!

Paula Cappa

A Strange Christmas Game  by J.H. Riddell  (1863)


Tuesday’s Tale of Terror     December 20, 2016


There’s nothing more satisfying than reading ghost stories at Christmastime. Even when we read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol over and over again, we are still delighted.  A Strange Christmas Game by J.H. Riddell is a mysterious little ghost story that you’ve probably not read at all, since Charlotte Riddell is one of those forgotten authors, but a popular one in her day.



John Lester and his sister Clare inherit a gloomy old estate in Bedfordshire. Family history here is not a long one, except for the fact that former owners of the estate Jeremy Lester went missing on Christmas Eve and was never found for 41 years. Until John and Clare stay at the dark castle on Christmas Eve. Do you like to visit haunted chambers? Try this 30-minute read for an…

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Demon Tongue (2016)



demon-tongue-2016-horror-movie‘Don’t trust what they say’

Demon Tongue is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Gavin Rapp (The Misgiving) from a screenplay by Vicky L. Neal (shorts: The Vampire WithinMoney, Vampires & Weed; Blood Money).


Four paranormal research students are sent to an abandoned complex to conduct an investigation into strange occurrences that the locals feel are the results of demonic possessions.


The amateur ghost hunters get much more than they bargained for when the power goes out, they hear unearthly noises and discover demons lurking in a hidden basement deep beneath the cold, stone structure that now becomes their prison…


The film stars Jack Davis (Slaughter DriveThe Other Side; Bray Road), Debbie College, Seth Gontkovic (Slaughter Drive; Meltdown; Red Christmas), Jessica Long, Carrie Shoberg,  Jeff Monahan and John W. Iwanonkiw.


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