Carnacki, the Ghost Finder

Paula Cappa

The Whistling Room  by William Hope Hodgson (1912)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror  October 11, 2016


“Then I heard it, an extraordinary hooning whistle, monstrous and inhuman, coming from far away through corridors to my right.”


October is the month for ghost stories. We love stories about luminous skulls or cavernous tombs, haunted grounds, haunted castles. These other worlds draw us in. Can you hear the call? Is it hovering behind your ear? Chilling your neck? Come into the world of Carnacki the ghost finder.


Do you believe there could be a  hidden mischief in  silence? Carnacki is a ghost hunter. He is invited by  Mr. Tassoc, owner of  Lastrae Castle in Ireland, where a room is said to emit an evil whistle that drives all away in horrific fear. Carnaki agrees to spend a few weeks at the castle to solve the mystery.

“This room had just that same malevolent…

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LOCATION CHANGE: The Farmington Writers Circle Meets Next on October 13, 2016

GRACIN~2The Farmington Writers Circle will meet again on October 13, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. not at Starbuck’s at 4337 East Main, , but at Mary’s Kitchen (the student cafeteria) at San Juan College.  Follow this link to the Facebook page for Mary’s Kitchen for directions.  The meeting will actually take place just outside the cafeteria after it has closed, so bring your own refreshments (if desired).

The evening’s topic has not been determined.

The Farmington Writers Circle is nascent organization of Farmington-area writers who are interested in finding or developing innovative ways of publicizing and marketing their works.   Meetings are usually round-table discussions, although occasionally a member will lead the discussion when it deals with an area of the member’s expertise.  There are no fees or requirements to attend meetings.  Writers of any and all genres, regardless of writing experience, and non-writers with an interest in the art are welcome.  Previous topics have included establishing a website to maximize the use of social media in publicizing works, writers’ conferences,  and finding an agent among other topics.   Meetings generally run for two hours.  For more information, contact me via this website.