Slattery’s Art of Horror Now Takes Submissions and Announcements

Writing at Hasting's Hardback Café, October, 2015

Writing at Hasting’s Hardback Café, October, 2015

If you have a bit of horror flash fiction or poetry you would like to see published on this blog, go to my submissions page for guidelines.  I would like to see more original fiction and poetry published here in any short form from narratives to any type of poetry (including the experimental and off-beat) to short plays or whatever.  I would like to showcase as wide a range possible of works of horror.  If in doubt, send it.  This is not to say that I will publish anything that comes along.  Whatever I publish will have to meet my own aesthetic standards and tastes, but I do want to see anything you have (so long as it meets the minimal standards expressed on my submissions page).  We have had some very good authors and poets recently and I am eager to see more.

In addition, I will now start taking announcements about works of horror.  If you are a horror author with a book-signing coming up or you will be giving a public talk somewhere or you have a book (or film) with a definite release date, announce it here.  If you have anything related to a creative work in the horror genre that you would like to publicize, draft an announcement and send it in.  I reserve all editorial rights however to make any needed changes for clarity, etc, and to ask questions if the announcement isn’t clear on some point.  There will be no charge for this, at least initially, but I do reserve the right to charge fees later, if a lot of announcements do start to flood my inbox.

However, note that I will not do advertising for any product.  I want to publicize creative works and to help authors, poets, film makers, and others jump start their careers.  I am not a merchant.  As to where the line is between advertising a product and publicizing a work, that will be my subjective decision.  So if you want to sell pens, notebooks, software, or any other concrete product, try

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