New Poetry by Marieta Maglas: “Blind Reality” (second of three poems)

Hollow-eyed shades
of human beings,
human beings
cogitating on jazz music,
jazz penetrating the silence
of the bleeding angels,
angels in a fight for
the awakening of this blind reality,
monetization of
the objects & spaces, asylums,
sexual harassments
for anxious women, prostitution,
deadly ocean waves,
terrorist attacks and
Islamist militancy,
multiple vortex tornadoes
to damage gas stations,
ISIS’s strategies,
public executions, crucifixions,
vegetation fires,
emblazoned clothes
and precious stones,
children murdered
in egregious crackdowns,
meteorite impacts,
illegal immigration,
exposed naked bodies,
powerful quakes striking
near the plate boundaries,
in refugee policies,
kidnappings, sales of
stolen artifacts, drugs,
protests blocking roads, landslides,
macroeconomic policies,
casino culture,
silent strategies of democracies,
food securities
for starving people,
food price increases,
Monsoon rains
and flash floods,
nuclear disasters,
smiling volcanoes,
human cells mixed up with
animal embryos,
sphinxes, thermal shocks
caused by global warming,
dengue fever, songs,
warming parties, temporary work,
seasonal unemployment,
low wages,
alcoholic cocktails,
ill people not displaying symptoms,
Zika and Chikungunya viruses,
birth defects, theatrical triumphs,
crime watchers,
new hairstyles,
glacier calving,
different drivers having
different styles to run their cars,
cars blinking their headlights
while their motors scream,
screaming trees and revolvers
that shoot up walls to write lyrics,
lyrics of jazz penetrating the silence
of the bleeding angels,
angels in a fight for
the awakening of this new reality.

Ardus Publications, Sybaritic Press, Prolific Press, and some others published the poems of Marieta Maglas in anthologies like Tanka Journal, edited by Glenn Lyvers, The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, edited by Yossi Faybish, A Divine Madness: An Anthology of Modern Love Poetry, edited by

Marieta Maglas
Marieta Maglas

John Patrick Boutilier, Near Kin:A Collection of Words and Art Inspired by Octavia Estelle Butler, edited by Marie Lecrivain, Three Line Poetry #25, edited by Glenn Lyvers, ENCHANTED – Love Poems and Abstract Art, edited by Gabrielle de la Fair, and Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace and Love, edited by Madan Gandhi.