How to Write Like Chekhov

Whatever genre you write, you can’t go wrong picking up tips from Anton Chekhov.

Paula Cappa

How to Write Like Chekhov, Advice and Inspiration, Straight From His Own Letters and Work.

Edited by Piero Brunello and Lena Lencek

Book Review and Commentary   May 31, 2016


Reading the letters of authors is often an eye-opening experience for writers. In correspondence we can find an intimacy that a writing craft book fails to provide.  In How to Write Like Chekhov, editors Brunello and Lencek give us an experience with Chekhov that goes beyond a technical craft book. And for this, I truly appreciated getting to know Chekhov’s thinking and values as he digs deeply into expressing himself as an artist and a man. Chekhov wrote 568 short stories, numerous novels, and plays. Tolstoy called him an ‘incomparable artist—an artist in life.’

How relative is his advice from over 100 years ago? Well, if you are looking for a mentor who understands the transformative power of art, this…

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