Frankenstein – ballet (2016)


Frankenstein-2016-ballet-Royal-Opera-house-London-posterFrankenstein is a 2016 British ballet directed by The Royal Ballet’s Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett at London’s Royal Opera House. The ballet is a music and dance adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale of morality and love.

American composer Lowell Liebermann, composes a new score for the production. John Macfarlane created the stage designs, while David Finn provided the lighting design. The ballet is being simultaneously screened in a number of select cinemas. The main stars are Laura Morera, Federico Bonelli and Steven McRae.


Victor Frankenstein is sent away to university, away from his family and his closest friend Elizabeth. Just before he leaves, his mother dies in childbirth. Distraught, Victor throws himself into his studies, learning obsessively all that he can from his Professor. Fuelled by his experiments and in a desperate hope to find a way to bring his mother back, Victor works furiously, and eventually succeeds in giving life…

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There’s something evil in Adam Wingard’s The Woods trailer


While a small part of me died a little when I saw that one of the most exciting directors in the genre was using his talent to make a found footage movie, it’s hard not to be excited to see what Adam Wingard does next. And that movie happens to be The Woods, a found footage horror film that’s largely a mystery—all we really know is that a bunch of kids go into the woods and don’t get to leave.

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