Publication Announcement: “Ivan” Has Been Published in Infernal Ink

Working on a play in Hasting's Hardback Café, late evening, October 16, 2015.
Working on a play in Hasting’s Hardback Café, late evening, October 16, 2015.

On March 31st, my short story “Ivan” was published in Infernal Ink.  Many thanks to Hydra M. Star and her staff for publishing this story.  This is the first time it has been published.  “Ivan” is a work of psychological horror and suspense, a peep into the mind of a blossoming killer.  Please watch for it on the web and wherever magazines are sold in your area.  Infernal Ink appears in print and e-book with back issues on line.

Be advised that Infernal Ink is very much adult-oriented and contains strong, mature subject matter.  Publisher Hydra M. Star notes:  “Blurb: Adults Only!  Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine, which focuses on publishing extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry…This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.”

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