Coming soon: Clockwork Wonderland Writer’s Call

Another opportunity awaits! Announces:

Clockwork Wonderland
A Horror Anthology

This is an Alice in Wonderland, clockwork, Horror anthology. We will be announcing the submission details soon, but this is to give you an idea of what we’ll be looking for.

aliceFollowing the rabbit down the hole is the easy part. Battling time is what will kill you. Whether you’re trying to get back home or struggling to survive in Wonderland, your stories MUST be horrifying.

“You act as if time is on your side. He isn’t. He’s always on his own side.”

alice2At the most basic, your story must have a clock involved. Clockpunk, clock engineering, and steampunk with clock elements is encouraged as well at the thought of time as an entity. Be creative, turn Wonderland on its ear. Twist it, tweak it, punk it.

Your story may star or co-star any of the characters in the original text by…

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