“Neglects…I’ve had a few…”

This, On Purpose

(Wait. Is that how the song goes?)

I’ve neglected this blog, the antho (off and on), writing, and other things for the past couple of weeks. Work. Busy. Timing. That stuff. Not as many students this term thanks to a schedule that mainly consists of 12 week classes and two of them in the afternoon (NOTE: afternoon classes aren’t particularly popular when the local Chick Fil-A — or fill in the blank with other appropriate regional chain saturated in its own religopolitics — isn’t that far from school).

I’ve still managed to keep apprised of a few things and am quickly learning more about my aging self than I could ever expect:

  1. The Walking Dead — I’m enjoying its parallel to the comic once again. Hey, I don’t mind when it strays from its original source material, but I don’t have time to think about originality right now, and I…

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