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I think a good story is one that says on many different levels, we’re both human beings, we’re in this crazy situation called life that we don’t really understand, can we put our heads together and confer about it a little bit at a very high non-bullshitty level.

Then all kinds of magic can happen.

The idea I love is that is a story is kind of a black box. And you’re gonna put the reader in there, she’s gonna spend some time with this thing that you have made, and when she comes out, what’s gonna have happened to her in there is something kind of astonishing–it feels like the curtain has been pulled back and like she’s gotten a glimpse into a deeper truth.

As a story writer, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

Take a moment for a video break (it’s worth…

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The Hallow (2015)

Source: The Hallow (2015)  Check out David Sharp’s review of the The Hallow at Beneaththeunderground.  Here’s a quick summary of the movie from the review:

The Hallow (2015)

IFC Midnight

Director: Corin Hardy


In this British and Irish co-production, a British conservationist moves his family to a small town in Ireland, a town that borders a forest that the man is tasked with surveying for land prospectors. In a very Straw Dogs or Wicker Man sort of way, after ignoring the warnings of locals, the family finds themselves in a battle of survival with a group of ancient creatures that reside in the old forest.