Christmas Eve’s Phantom

Very nice article about E.F. Benson and his story “Between the Lights” from Paula Cappa.

Paula Cappa

Between the Lights  by E.F. Benson  (1912)

Tuesday’s Tale of Terror    December 15, 2015


Christmas ghost stories are a worldwide tradition. This story by E.F. Benson takes place on December 24, Christmas Eve. A story within a story, if you will, and striking a dark tone.  Between the Lights is perfect for a read aloud, guests sitting round the hearth, glasses of nog in hands, fire spitting, candlelight throwing shadows against the dark windows.


Outside, wind drives the snow and only the sounds of the scurry of snowflakes and the voice of our narrator prevail. He reports about another Christmas Eve’s event at this same house as he sat in his chair.

“It was nearly dark, but a little light came in from the door opposite to me, which seemed to lead into a passage that communicated with the exterior of the place …  there now burned a…

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Publication Announcement: “Faust” to appear in The Literary Hatchet

Faust--detail of an illustration by Friedrich Gustav Schlick

Faust–detail of an illustration by Friedrich Gustav Schlick

My horror poem “Faust” has been accepted by The Literary Hatchet and will appear in their next issue, which is slated for December 15.

“Faust” is my take on a moment in the story of Faust, the legendary professor and scientist of medieval Germany, who sold his soul to the devil in return for all knowledge.  I examine Faust’s feelings in that moment just after he has sold his soul and the devil (Mephisto) has vanished, when he is left to contemplate in solitude the consequences of his decision.

I would like to thank Stefani Koorey, Michael Brimbau, and the staff of The Literary Hatchet, for reprinting this, my favorite of all the poems I have written to date.  “Faust” has previously appeared in The Hollins Critic (1992) and Blood Moon Rising (2013).

Please feel free to visit The Literary Hatchet on December 15 or purchase a hard copy and check out “Faust” on December 15, or at any time for that matter.

Thoughts?  Comments?

Press Release: Crystal Lake Publishing releases The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Award-winning screenwriter releases his mind-bending first short story collection
The Dark at the End of the Tunnel by Taylor GrantOffered for the first time in a collected format, this selection features ten gripping and darkly imaginative stories by Taylor Grant, a Bram Stoker Award ® nominated author and rising star in the suspense and horror genres.

Discover what happens when:

– A wealthy industrialist awakens after ten years in suspended animation, and finds out that the horrors of the past can never be left behind.

– A lonely man realizes that he’s gradually vanishing from existence, into a nightmarish limbo of his own making.

– An author stumbles upon an incomplete manuscript by his deceased father, and makes the grave mistake of trying to complete the story.

– A woman learns that the imaginary voices that haunt the delusional and criminally insane are, in fact, real.

This remarkable collection of short fiction exposes the terrors that hide beneath the surface…

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