Movie Talk: Author Paul Tremblay Shares His Eight Overlooked, Off the Beaten Path Horror Movies

There appears to be some good suggestions here for Halloween viewing. I may have to check some of them out.

Horror Novel Reviews

One of today’s most promising authors, Paul Tremblay offers up a few killer movie selections that you may have been unfortunate enough to miss. Just the same, these are fine picks for the Halloween season!

Why eight? Well, as Paul puts it, there’s only so many viewing hours before Halloween is here, after all!

Lake Mungo: Faux documentary about a family dealing with the drowning death of a teenage girl. Haunting, expansive and claustrophobic at the same time. A movie about grief, and creepy as hell.

Sauna: A powerful movie from Finland that takes place during the Sweeden/Russo war hundreds of years ago. A truly disturbing film about revenge, the price of violence, and regret. Great performances from the two leads as well.

May: Quirky character piece that’s funny, sad, and emotionally authentic, and totally nuts and icky. You will be moved by this movie.

The Burrowers:…

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Publication Announcement: “Murder by Plastic”

9mm Computer Graphic by Phil Slattery
      Computer Graphic
        by Phil Slattery

Today I received word that my flash suspense/crime drama/horror/thriller story “Murder by Plastic” will be re-printed on Fiction on the Web on November 17.   Set in the modern day, “Murder by Plastic” is story about what happens when someone pisses off the wrong gangster.

Many thanks to Charlie Fish and his crew at Fiction on the Web for re-printing another of my personal favorites.

“Murder by Plastic” was first printed by Everyday Fiction on March 24, 2013.

Thoughts?  Comments?