Nano Horror from @tweetsthecreeps

Today on Twitter I stumbled on a good source of nano horror:   Their tagline reads “For when

Grand Guignol poster from
Grand Guignol poster

horror flash fiction isn’t quite short enough, these tweets seek to elicit a shudder, shock, or wicked laugh within the strict limit of 140 characters.”  I look forward to @tweetsthecreeps submitting to this blog.   Here are four samples:


The smell of death was something the neighbors got used to. When an arm came unearthed, everyone assumed it was a Halloween decoration.


I’m applying for a job at the blood bank but #MyResumeDoesntMention any of my early job history covering the period from 1837 until 1972.


I finally decided who I want to be for Halloween. Her skin will fit me beautifully if I get it off in one piece.


I always thought my bed’s warmth was just a matter of quality, ’til I turned in early & saw someone scramble out of it, into the crawlspace.


Thoughts?  Comments?