Publication Announcement: “Shapeshifter”

Current headline at Through the Gaps showing illustrations for "Shapeshifter", "Decision", and "Sudan"
Current headline at Through the Gaps showing illustrations for “Shapeshifter”, “Decision”, and “Sudan”

Through the Gaps has just published my story “Shapeshifter” about a werewolf sighting in France in 1601. For the first time I have three stories appearing simultaneously in one magazine: “Shapeshifter”, “Decision”, and “Sudan”. All are reprints of early works.  Many thanks once again to the wonderful folks at Through the Gaps.  Shown is a snippet from their current front page.

Bloody Good Writing Volume 2: Does Sex Sell?

Good article. It’s worth taking the time to read.

Horror Novel Reviews



Written by: Tom Leveen

Q: I am interested on your take of graphic violence or sexual content. Does it hurt or help in selling a story?

~ Matthew B.

A: So. Post two and already we’re diving into the good stuff.


Here we go. (As always, your mileage may vary with my response; take what you like, leave the rest.)

To answer Matthew’s question right away, I’d have to say that for horror genre novels, it’s unlikely that graphic violence or sexual content will hurt a potential sale to an editor at a legacy publisher (Random House, etc.). Violence, of course, is pretty common in horror, so it would have to be something really, really, really too graphic to get passed over by an editor of horror fiction. I won’t even try to define “too graphic” because every editor and every imprint will have a…

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