Excellent Discussion of Horror History at HWA

mod 130419_0008I happened across an excellent roundtable on Horror History 101 at the Horror Writer’s Association (http://horror.org/horror-roundtable-16-horror-history-101/) today while at lunch.  Check it out.  It has a great panel of experts and a wide-ranging discussion of the great horror writers of the past from the beginning of horror with Horace Walpole up to Lovecraft and more.

Stephen King ‘On Writing’ Review

Here’s an excellent review of an excellent book that I enjoyed greatly. I recommend it to anyone with an interest of any type, not just horror, in the the art of writing.

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Chad Lutzke

Before I read On Writing, I stumbled across a complaint that someone had with the book.  They took issue with the fact that not every page was dedicated to lessons on writing but also included a lengthy autobiographical section.  I take it the guy wasn’t actually a fan of Mr. King but instead a fan of the money King makes.  But, the life stories King told were just getting in the way.  I, for one, enjoy hearing factoids about people I’m interested in, and Stephen King happens to be one of those people.

The autobiographical section takes up approximately one third of the book.  We get to see exactly what Mr. King went through to finally succeed at what he loves doing most and the lessons he learned along the way.  In this section, he sympathizes with the beginning writer and shares his own failures…

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