Russian Cthulhu Nesting Dolls


I mentioned yesterday that German was my first major at college.  Russian was my second.  Therefore I had to dive into Russian horror at least a bit today to satisfy my curiosity.  So I did a quick search on Google Images and found out that Russian horror is apparently alive and well.

The most interesting item I found in my search results were these Lovecraftian nesting dolls.  I did not have time to go to the website (, but I did see that the name of the photo is cthylhufhtagn_mikebilz.jpg [sic].   I assume Mike Bilz is the artist (very creative, Mike!)  At first opportunity I will visit the site.


I visited after posting this blog and found that it mainly focuses on computer games.  The blurb at the top of the webpage describes it as A blog about games, networked media, technology, evolution & nature..”You are privy to a great becoming, but you recognize nothing…”    Interestingly,  there are a considerable number of Cthulhu knick-knacks shown–making the site worth a visit for fans of Lovecraft.  For example, here is a Cthulhu Santa (from


Cthulhu Santa

Enjoy your visit to!